The great and noble sport of golf is played all over the world. Many golfers would like to know where they should look for a vacation home rental in order to pursue their favorite sport. It depends on what kind of place each golfer is looking for. There are a few locations that would be ideal for the golfing enthusiast interested in employing the perfect swing.

St. Andrew’s Golf Course

St. Andrew’s, Scotland

The birthplace of modern golf should be a hole in one on any golfer’s list. St. Andrew’s is a beautiful, quaint university town as ancient as the sport it supports. Revel in the gorgeous scenery of the beaches and the medieval stone walls as you tee off at the Royal and Ancient. Later, try some of the gourmet food available in the snug and cozy pubs while you toast the day with a fine single malt whisky from one of Scotland’s peat-whisky islands.


  • Birthplace of golf
  • Rich in history
  • Medieval village

The Big Island (Hawai’i), Hawai’i

Nowhere on earth has the incredible variety and breathtaking vistas of the Big Island. There is so much to see and do that any golfer will find their families just as pleased. The options of surfing, snorkeling, and sightseeing will give the family something to do while you have all the time in the world to golf. The Big Island also has some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses and you can find a spacious tropical vacation home rental right on the greens. In the evenings, you can watch the sunsets with a frozen cocktail and enjoy the fresh ahi as you contemplate your game.


  • Exotic and varied landscape
  • Many amenities and other things to do
  • Tropical environment

Wherever you choose to rent your vacation home, golfing is the ultimate goal. These two destinations far outstrip many others as attractions for those interested in this ancient sport.

James Stacy