Some of the most popular vacation rental spots are located on a lake. With all the home vacation rentals available, why a lake? Here are the top five reasons why.

Enjoying Time by the Lake

Calming Effect of Lake Biomes

Lakes exude a calm effect that is only matched perhaps by majestic mountains. Their blue color is calming, and the rhythmic flow of the water is also relaxing. Lakes tend to be surrounded by lots of trees and native plants. This presents an immediate change from the urban or suburban areas most of us call home.

Variety of Activities Available

Lakes offer a variety of sporting activities not available at other sites. These include:


  • water skiing
  • rowing
  • fishing
  • inner tube riding
  • jet skiing
  • swimming

Plus, the lake is great to hike around, people watch or simply sit and listen to the sounds of nature.

Great Food

There is something about a meal outside by a lake that just makes it more fun. Even simple sandwiches or hamburgers become fun when eaten by the lake. Most weekenders enjoy bringing special foods up to the lake. If you fish or hunt at your lake, you can also enjoy the taste of a fresh catch. Vacationers can eat on their own schedule which makes a comfortable day for all.

Family Friendly

Most vacation home rental locations are family friendly. Lakes like kids and pets. Lake areas have special activities designed for families. Usually lakes are also in driving distance of other historic areas and towns. Lakes are often near national parks and monuments, look to KidsonaPlan for more family lake options.

Change in Culture

Vacation home rental opportunities provide a chance to explore living in a different style of living. Most of us don’t experience any rural or small town lifestyles today. Need more convincing then check out why it is the best type of vacation.

James Stacy