Orlando is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. And how could it not be as you have the best theme parks in the world in one location:


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Orlando - Theme Park Capital of the World … Let the good times roll.

And of course do not forget all the fantastic dining and attractions around the city and this becomes a premier destinations for both families and adult couples alike. Need a place to stay then look no further than the resorts or vacation home rentals as they have the best options for visitors.

Perfect for Large Families

With theme parks everywhere you turn, Orlando is a big draw for families. It’s often difficult to find a hotel room large enough to fit everyone and booking two hotel rooms is often not an option for those on a budget. A vacation home rental gives everyone his or her much needed space while not spending a fortune. These rentals have various room sizes for everyone with large master bedrooms and baths to rooms with bunk-beds decorated just for kids.

Private Amenities

A number of vacation rentals in Orlando often come with great amenities like a pool or even a hot tub. Some times the pool is part of the community property which is shared between all who are staying there. Other times, they can be right in the backyard and don’t have to be shared. This is a great perk for those who want to relax in private.

Full Kitchen

Food for a family can definitely add up. A vacation home rental gives families access to a full kitchen and a dining room. This can be a great money saver especially when there are a lot of mouths to feed. Whether cooking up a full meal or reheating left overs, having a kitchen is bound to make any vacation stay easier and more affordable.

James Stacy