If you want to stay in a vacation home rental instead of a hotel while you’re traveling, there are a few important pieces of information that you should know to keep yourself safe. Keeping yourself out of harm’s way and preventing certain dangers can save your vacation time from being ruined and may even eliminate the necessity of having to bring a case to court. Here are a few of the best safety tips to keep in mind when renting a vacation home.

Safety Tips When Renting a Vacation Home

Visit the Property Before Making a Booking

USA Today suggests that you check out the property in advance if possible to ensure that it’s in good condition before you agree to book it. If you are unable to visit the property yourself, you can possibly search for online reviews from other people who have previously stayed there. Some of the things to check for when inspecting the property include:


  • The cleanliness of the building
  • The condition of the sinks and toilets
  • Caulking around the windows
  • Mildew on walls, ceilings and floors
  • The condition of the carpeting
  • Smoke detectors and security alarms
  • The condition of the locks

Ask for a Contact Number

Although most reputable landlords provide their contact numbers, you should double-check to make sure that you have a phone number that you can call if you encounter an emergency during your stay. You may need to dial this number if a pipe breaks or major storm damage occurs while you occupy the vacation home rental.

Check References Before Sending Money

Make sure that you’re renting from a reputable source by checking all references before sending any money. According to ABC News, you should also wait to send money until the rental paperwork is signed and all the details have been finalized.

Consider Getting Insurance Certain travel insurance policies cover damages that occur in vacation rentals. It’s advisable to choose a policy that covers property damage and gives you additional protection if you suffer bodily harm.

These safety tips can keep you better protected while you’re spending time in your vacation home rental. Preparing yourself for potential dangers is one of the best ways to prevent them from happening in the first place.

James Stacy