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1. Save Money

Choosing a vacation home rental over a hotel for a family of four can save hundreds of dollars especially with meals. At a hotel a family would be required to eat out every night where as at a vacation home families can have a full kitchen. Grocery bills are a lot less than eating out plus you get the added bonus of having meals together. And with a home you do not need to worry about bringing your closet as homes provide laundry which is a big perk especially for stays longer than a weekend. But do not take my word for it use this calculator at trip advisor for cost differences.

2. Space for Everyone

In a hotel space is limited but with a vacation home each family member gets his own room plus the kids will have their own space as well. Which means if someone wants to hang out in their room and watch tv or read a book in privacy they can. At a hotel you have to plan to meet together, but at a home you can all the comforts of a home:

  • hang out in the living room
  • lounge on the patio
  • snack in the kitchen
  • tan at the pool

3. Location Location Location

Finding a hotel is easy for big cities but what about those places where you want to have a nice getaway. Booking a vacation home allows to experience the place like you are local instead of a tourist. The local experience means you will get to really enjoy your time exploring instead of being trapped by hotel vendors that prey upon tourists.

And my personal favorite is the most hotels usually are not pet friendly, but with a vacation home you can find one that is pet friendly. What’s a vacation if the whole family can’t enjoy it?! Nothing worse than having to leave them at a pet kennel or have to arrange for friends to manage them while you’re gone.

James Stacy