When you’re looking for an amazing vacation home rental, perhaps Facebook is your top source for information. The top social media site is great for reuniting with long, lost friends and making new acquaintances, but it’s also versatile enough to help you with many of your travel needs, too.

Find Vacation Home Via Facebook

Now, you’re probably asking how it’s possible to use a social media site like Facebook to find a vacation home when it’s not that kind of site. But, the truth is, Facebook is that kind of site, and using it can put you in touch with deals, homes, forums, opinions, and more.


Facebook helps you gather recommendations from multiple sources, all on the same page. You can create a post on your personal page, asking those on your friends list for advice. You can search your timeline, searching for advertisements and posts for vacation homes. Word-of-mouth is always a beneficial tool when you need to find something useful.


Hundreds of groups and forums on Facebook dedicate themselves to travel and rentals of vacation homes. Members of these forums and groups come together to help one another, offering advice, tips, and information, and answering any questions that you might have.

Promo/Coupon Pages

Promo and coupon pages on Facebook help you find vacation homes and great deals, too. These offers provide discounts that you won’t find elsewhere and these discounts can certainly reduce the money that you spend on your vacation home.

Vacation Home Rental Company Pages

Just like you’ve created your Facebook page, many people and businesses offering vacation home have their own pages, too. It’s easy to use the Facebook search option to find such companies, whether you’re looking for a company a few states away or one crossing international borders.

James Stacy