Property Types - Vacation Home Rentals


A self-contained housing unit usually near residential areas that occupies only part of a building.

Bed & Breakfast

A small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast. The home is usually a private family home that typically has between four and eleven rooms.


A large agricultural building usually located on farms with majestic views that are converted into a lodging that can house usually four to eight rooms.


A large building near open water such as lake or river that normally houses boats converted into a lodging that usually has four to eight roooms.


A single story spacious house that includes a wide veranda.


A wood or log house built upon a site that usually has plenty of sunshine. These homes were built to last.


A fortified stucture built for a lord or noble usually built to exploit the natural defences of its surroundings.


Originally seasonal farms converted into holiday homes used by skiing and hiking enthusiasts as they are normally located on or near mountains.


A cozy dwelling that symbolizes a holiday or seasonal home typically found in a rural or semi-rural setting.

Guest House

Similar to a hostel or bed & breakfast as the owner lives in a separate area of the property but opens the guest house up for lodging. A major benifit is that the owner gives you personal attention.


A lodging that functions as a home used by guests through out the world normally within a city as it gives one the ability to vacation without having to stay in a hotel.


A boat specifically designed to be a house. Most are kept a stationary fixed point on water near land which provides the utilities, though these houses can venture into the water for extended periods.


A large house usually associated with mountains and skiing.


Luxury living on the top floor of a building that offers the best views.


A room that contains everything such as kitchen amd bathroom normally overlooking a spectactular area of a city.


A multiple floored living space usually found in city where space it limited giving the ability to put multiple homes next to each other.

Tree house

A house built around the trunk of a mature tree.


Originally built for ancient Roman nobles a country side home get away but now the term used as a vacation home.


Recreational boat or ship that provides housing for cruising in the ocean and other large bodies of water.


Open tent structure consisting of an expanding wooden circular frame carrying a felt cover.